Founder History

CEO Sikaso Beach Hotel

Kingsley Nii-Addy has always been the type of person that loves to give back. In more than 28 years of living in Germany, he has been an active member of the Ghanaian diaspora in Europe and founded several civil society organizations. Curious about what the world had to offer, his travels took him from Africa to Europe, the Americas as well as Asia. Countless encounters with people from all over the world made him realize: “There is more that unites us all as human beings than strikes the eye!” People simply need to look past common preconceptions and find out about this for themselves. Upon returning to Ghana, Kingsley wanted to share his realization with the world – the idea for the Sikaso Hotel was born.

Sikaso was the name of one of the first Afro-shops that was opened in the 1980’s in Germany – and one of the first places that Kingsley worked in. In the West African language Wolof, Sikaso means “market place”, a place where people come to trade, mingle and find inspiration. This is what Sikaso is all about. Sikaso strives to create a welcoming afro-centric environment, in which people from various backgrounds can meet, share ideas and learn from each other.

Returning to Ghana was a tough decision but one that paid off handsomely. “I wanted to stay [in Germany in my comfort zone]. But it was my destiny to return to Ghana and stay. It was the right decision… in Germany maybe I would have been a social security number. But now I am contributing to the economic development of Ghana.”

He urges other African expatriates to follow his example in bringing their skills and experience back home. And he has the same advice for his two children (the elder daughter now studying in Germany, and the son at the SHS in Ghana, Cape coast).

“The final decision will be theirs. But I encourage others to return when they have finished their studies… Although there is corruption etc., Africa can only grow economically if we all contribute our parts professionally.

Today, Sikaso welcomes anyone to learn about Ghanaian culture and history and share their own stories. Come experience the Sikaso Experience!