Sikaso Beach Hotel

Bortianor - Accra - AKWAABA
1 Jul

Did you know…

Did you know…

Sikaso Hotel is full of surprises, particularly in the intricate details often missed at first sight.

Nurturing Tropical Garden

We invite you to take a walk through our lovely greens. An array of seasonal trees and plants (Moringa, Cashew, Palm Nut, Coconut, Plantain, Cassava, Neem) and two water wells await your inspection. Help yourself to some oranges if you are lucky enough to find one!


The Terrace

Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean breeze and a 360° view around the premise. Notice the mosaic floor in broken tiles, each piece locally handcrafted. The African summer huts providing shade, are impermeable to rain and shelter robust tiled tables. Even the color choice of the terrace railing is carefully selected: Red like the rich Ghanaian soil, and ivory yellow. Notice the cement flower pots by a local artist or enjoy a sundowner from our handsomely stocked bar.A large open terrace middle of tropical garden surrounded by beaches. while you will enjoy the bar facing the sunset, our chef and his staff will prepare tasty meals using fresh seafood and home grown products combining the best of African and European recipes.

Fish Pond

Fish your own dinner! Or just feed the fish. With some luck and dry bread, you will see large Tilapia and catfish and perhaps even a turtle or two. Animals and flora alike find a nurturing home in our organically held pond.

Your personal hide out

All furniture is locally hand crafted here in Ghana! The wooden table attached to the wall, was cut from a massive mahogany tree. The ceiling in every room is a type of natural grass, carefully woven together and organically treated here in the hotel.There are many more hidden gems throughout the hotel grounds. Feel free to approach the Staff for more information!

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